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Who is this guy? And what on EARTH is he doing???

Having spent over 30 years working in lots of different arenas, managing teams, writing and delivering training and bombing around the country – Steve has picked up a thing or two about stuff that works (and stuff that doesn’t)!

Latterly Steve trained to become a voiceover artist. That’s a different kettle of fish, but if you want to find out more about that, you can have a look at www.steveoneillvoice.com

So, it seemed to make sense to squish those two things together, and by connecting his brain and his mouth to a microphone the result is Sharp – The Podcast.

Describing what the podcast is was tricky to do. Phrases like ‘life coaching’ and ‘training’ and‘productivity’ get you close, but they carry baggage with them which doesn’t really apply here. The reason it’s tricky to define is that we cover work stuff, life stuff, and everything which overlaps. Plus, the dividing line between those things is much blurrier than it was before. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, so long as you know how to manage that, and that’s an area we’ll spend some time in too. The title ‘Sharp’ is derived from the idea of sharpening your saw to reduce the time it takes you to cut down the tree, and we’re aiming to show you how to do just that. Hopefully, we’ll deliver!

As explained in the podcast intro we are distilling the information and resource that’s out there, which COULD help you, into a simpler selection of things which actually work.

In terms of content, the areas we’ll cover will include many things like:

  • Doing more in less time – especially if you’re ‘busy’
  • Being ‘intentional’ about what you do – to allow yourself to be in control
  • Choosing a frame of mind – it can be done
  • Real world meditation – it’s not for hippies, well it’s not just for hippies!

There will probably be loads more but this is where we are now, so we thought it may help if we set out our stall to let you know what we may be able to help you with.

If you’d like to contact Steve to find out more, there’s a contact form on the contact page (how many times can you say contact in one sentence?). Or you can go over to Twitter @sharppodcast

That’s enough about what we’re doing – why not head over to the contact page and tell us what you’re doing? We’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and of course, all views expressed here, on the podcast, and on all social media are my own and are nothing to do with any current or previous employer. Obvs!