Cake Or Broccoli – STP032

Episode 32 –  We solve the problem of getting stuck and not seeing things through to the end. The answer is not only simple, but can give you the best of both worlds.

Some of the USEFUL stuff in there is:

  • What happens in our heads when we get stuck on things
  • An article from which refers to a Princeton Study
  • Why it’s the same as making a choice between ‘cake now’ or ‘broccoli later’
  • How this may explain why we get distracted and don’t finish stuff
  • The 3 SHARP solutions:
    • 1) Giving yourself rewards with intention
    • 2) Social Accountability
      • Getting outside of your comfort zone by being accountable to others
      • A good article by Do The Things with some ideas
      • Joining a Mastermind Group – here’s some resource
      • Finding a coach
      • Meet Up where you can join like-minded people
      • Apps to improve your fitness regime
        • Fitbit – you can join up with friends to compare activity
        • Strava – where you can compare runs or cycle routes with others
        • Pumpup – where you can track progress, post your success, and get a coach
    • 3) Gamification
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