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There are loads of friends and family I’d like to thank who have all directly or indirectly supported producing this podcast. Lisa has not only put up with repeatedly listening over and over again to recordings but she’s also given me great feedback (and persisted when I didn’t like the feedback too!)

The kids have also helped listening, putting up with me being in the studio, and even making cameo appearances.

The music featured is all by Kevin MacLeod: (How cool that someone would put this stuff up for people to use, an everyday hero!) “Electrodoodle”, “Cold Funk” and “The Lift” and “The Show Must Be Go”, “The Teddy Bear Waltz”, “Glee Club Polka”, “Laser Groove”, “Industrious Ferret”.

Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

A number of people have helped by either contributing, letting me record their mouth noises, or giving general support and encouragement. As this list grows I may have to think of another way of sharing their information but the list currently consists of:

Very cool voiceover people:

Other excellent creative and inspiring types:

  • Laurie who does fab photography and makes great films (please note there is beautiful nude photography on the site)


In terms of inspiration, there’s SO much but in no particular order my inspiration comes from fantastic people like:

  • David Allen
  • Michael Hyatt
  • Tony Robbins
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Stephen R. Covey
  • Dan Harris
  • Sam Harris
  • Nick Drake-Knight
  • Maria Popova


And last but by NO MEANS LEAST I need to thank the wonderful people who have subscribed, downloaded and listened to the podcast – that’s YOU! Thank you ever so much, its really REALLY appreciated.