Schedules School Runs And Sandwiches – STP024

Episode 24 –  This week we (Lisa and I) talk about using ideas we have looked at before, applied to being a working Mum or Dad or anyone who has to balance work with life. We consider why we tend to keep those things separate, when actually one can help the other.

Some of the stuff in there is:

  • How it seems easier to apply productivity solutions to work
  • Why it’s different applying them to family or home life
  • The difference between a work meeting, and sitting to dinner with family
  • It all going wrong in the morning
  • How a night time routine directly affects the morning
  • Things to consider for the nighttime routine
    • Setting out clothes for the morning
    • Making lunches
    • Having a defined bedtime
    • Agreed wakeup times
    • The roles each person plays, and how they can impact everyone else
  • The virtuous circle
  • Some good routines and checklists for kids are here
  • Here’s’s thoughts on end of day routines for adults
  • Other routines or checklists to consider:
    • Meal planning
    • Checklists for items needed on a day out
    • Checklist for items needed on an overnight stay
    • Holiday stuff packing lists
    • Christmas or Party lists – who is doing what
  • Bacon sandwiches 5 ways!
  • How schedules can work for families and working parents
  • The importance of planning for things like:
    • Time together
    • Talking time
    • Family time
    • Homework time
    • Chores and jobs
    • Wunderlist
    • Setting half an hour to look at the coming week together
  • Google calendar – here’s a quick start tutorial
  • Goals – why they’re not just for work
  • The importance of setting personal and family goals
  • Michael Hyatt’s method of setting personal goals
  • Good family goal setting resource at –
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