Sharper New Year Habits – STP028

Episode 28 –  In this episode we help you prepare for a sharper new YOU for next year, by revisiting the subject of habits. We’ve produced a compilation episode on the Shownotes →

The Journey So Far – STP027

Episode 27 –  In this episode we turn the tables on Steve. Lisa interviews him to find out about the podcast journey so far, what influences the content, where the ideas Shownotes →

Last Night A Checklist Saved My Life – STP026

Episode 26 –  In this episode we have a look at the humble checklist. In today’s complex and sophisticated life, we often have equally complex solutions. However, sometimes there’s still a Shownotes →

Schedules School Runs And Sandwiches – STP024

Episode 24 –  This week we (Lisa and I) talk about using ideas we have looked at before, applied to being a working Mum or Dad or anyone who has to Shownotes →

9 Best Productivity Tips – STP023

Episode 23 –  In this episode, I’ve researched 152 different productivity and efficiency tips, to find you the best. These 9 will make a big difference to how much stuff you Shownotes →

WHY Your Goals Aren’t Working – STP018

Episode 18–  We’ve spent some time looking at goals. No, not football goals – life goals! We’ve gathered together 5 KEY actions for setting effective goals, plus ONE missing thing Shownotes →

One Great Tool – STP015

Episode 15 – An introduction to GTD (Getting Things Done) If you only put one new tool in your box, we reckon you should make it GTD. It’s not time management, or Shownotes →

What’s Wrong With Productivity – STP014

Episode 14 – This word ‘productivity’ what does it actually mean? Whether you’re looking for resource to help you get better, or just working out how to improve stuff, the word ‘productivity’ Shownotes →

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – STP013

Episode 13 – Kicking ‘luck’ to the kerb and ending your day with intention! We follow up last week’s ‘start of day’ routine focus, with its neighbour and bedfellow – the Shownotes →

Once Great. Twice Automate! – STP008

Episode 8 – In conversation with Mel Elliott This week’s episode is a recording of a conversation I had with Mel Elliott about her world as a successful professional voiceover Shownotes →