GTD (not just) for Teens – STP056

Episode 56 –  If you haven’t yet discovered how great GTD is, we tell you why – regardless of your age – you should read GTD For Teens. It’s an excellent Shownotes →

Sharp Calendar Skills- STP055

Episode 55 –  Would you like an extra week in your year to focus on really important stuff? How about TWO weeks? How about ELEVEN days of fun/important/helpful personal time? Take Shownotes →


No shownotes – just me, telling you, why you’ve been waiting ages for an episode! As always, we’re really grateful for your help in supporting this podcast. To do this Shownotes →

Laura Gassner Otting – STP054

  Episode 54 –  We talk to the whirlwind that is Laura Gassner Otting! With her new book coming out (in April 2019 at time of writing) Laura shares her view Shownotes →

Even Sharper New Year Routines – STP053

Episode 53 –  In the last of our re-visits to helping you get even SHARPER this year, we go back to episode 30 where we summarised all the good stuff about Shownotes →

Even Sharper New Year Goals – STP052

Episode 52 –  We go back in time, to an episode we originally broadcast in 2017 where we summarised the best ideas we’d found on setting GREAT goals. This version of Shownotes →

Even Sharper New Year Habits – STP051

Episode 51 –  New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. But at this time of year you might be thinking about what you want to be different in 2019. So we’ve re-released a Shownotes →

Looking Back – STP050

Episode 50 –  We look back over what we’ve done in the past year or so, with a little help from our friends. Some of the stuff in there is: How Shownotes →

Do Better Meetings – STP049

Episode 49 –  Life is too short for terrible meetings. We explore how to make them better, whether you run ’em, go to ’em, or avoid ’em. Dive in… Some of Shownotes →

Better Public Speaking – STP048

Episode 48 –  In this episode we talk about why public speaking and presenting can be difficult, and we give you 13 tips to help you get better in this tricky Shownotes →