Sharp Calendar Skills- STP055

Episode 55 –  Would you like an extra week in your year to focus on really important stuff? How about TWO weeks? How about ELEVEN days of fun/important/helpful personal time? Take control of your calendar and you could have that – and more. We show you how.

Here’s all the good stuff:

  • article on 6 things you should NOT have on your calendar
    • Meetings
    • Back to back appointments
    • Checklists
    • Notes
    • Miniscule tasks
    • Other people’s priorities
  • and the Gregorian Calendar
  • Today’s date on the Hijri Calendar
  • Yes – that idiot STEVE IN THE FIELD is back (well almost!)
  • 9 things that SHOULD be on your calendar
    • Tomorrow’s frog
    • Meetings with yourself
    • Free/personal/family time
    • Breaks
    • Categories
    • Where you are
    • Travel time
    • Date/time specific appointments
    • Developing yourself
  • LISA and Steve are back at the kitchen table TOO!
  • 5 cool habits to support a SHARP calendar
    • Weekly review
    • Link work and home
    • End of day review/journal
    • Plan ahead – 2 further weeks each week
    • Saying ‘no’ to yourself (by planning things other than the easy stuff)


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